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Stain removal

Stain Removal from Teeth

Some people have the bad habit of smoking. This results in staining of the teeth because of the nicotine in it, which is a staining agent. Others consume large amounts of coffee, tea, cola and other such drinks which also leave undesirable stains on the teeth.

In many cases wear and tear of the enamel of the teeth makes them brownish or yellowish. Sometimes some antibiotics used for some illness or disease results in the staining of teeth. A few have hereditary problems where teeth are stained from birth.

It is very important to remove stains from your teeth. Not only do they look ugly, they should be removed so that they do not cause decay of the teeth. These stains can be removed by using special toothpastes. Brushing your teeth daily at least twice using these special toothpastes may improve matters. It is a long tedious and difficult task but if you are determined you can succeed.
A filament-based toothbrush with toothpaste containing abrasive particles can remove the stains in a limited capacity. Two abrasive particles used are silica which is granular in shape and perlite particles which are flat and thin.

Stain Removal Methods

There are many dental tools available which can remove stubborn stains form your teeth. A pistol like tool through which air stream surrounded by water curtain is aimed at the stain. An abrasive powder is used and the abrasive laden air stream comes form the nozzle. The nozzle has a pinched orifice for this air stream so that it fans across the surface of the tooth to be cleaned.

Stains can also be removed using a pressurized spray of bicarbonate powder which will not harm your teeth. This can be done on a routine basis by a dentist.

Besides these methods, whitening methods can be used to remove the stains. There are several methods using different material and methods which make teeth shine brighter and remove the stains. Bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide in different concentrations are used to remove the stains. Gels are also used to remove stains. A visit to the dentist during the lunch hour can remove the stains and make your teeth shine within an hour. In some methods the initial method is done at home and the final touch by the dentist. There are many methods of whitening the teeth and you can choose which suits you the best.

Trays containing the gel can be placed under the teeth and left overnight or for a couple of hours, depending upon the method and the concentration, to remove the stains and make teeth whiter.
If the teeth have become very bad and there are a lot of stains which cannot be removed by any method, then a porcelain veneer placed over the teeth and bonded with it will certainly improve the appearance of the teeth. This can be done for a couple of teeth as well or the whole set of teeth, depending upon the problem. This is a non-invasive method which gives a good finish to the teeth and makes them sparkle.