Teeth Whitening



Opalescence Teeth Whitening

A person’s face being his fortune; he who has beautiful teeth captures the interest of the observers. Your thirty-two teeth can sparkle and shine if they are white and perfect. However your teeth can easily get discoloured by:-
  • Tea, coffee, colas and other food items
  • Congenital or heredity reasons
  • Trauma
  • Aging
  • Inadequate cleaning and care

There is hope now for everyone with discoloured teeth. They can opt for cosmetic dentistry and whiten their teeth by using special toothpastes and gels or teeth whitening kits at the comfort of their home or at the dentist

Benefits of Opalescence

Opalescence tooth bleaching is reported to be affordable and convenient for all. It consists of special gels which can be used at home whenever it is convenient. By using these gels you can get whiter teeth in just a few days.

The specialities of the opalescence treatment are
  • It is affordable
  • It is convenient
  • Removes discolouration due to fluorosis and tetracycline staining
  • The products are clinically proven
  • The bleaching gel is stored in a climate controlled environment to ensure best results
  • Sticky and viscous formula does not leach
  • Teeth remain lighter for years. The special gel is even available in different flavours
  • There are different concentrates to suit everyone

Opalescence is recommended for use before you go in for placement of composites, veneers or crowns.  Bleaching cannot be done on crows and dental veneers; hence it is necessary that it be done before any dental treatment. The sticky gel which comes in flavours like melon and mint and other flavours can be chosen by you so that the treatment is more pleasant and does not result in gagging.

The viscous gel whose main ingredient is carbamide peroxide can be kept in trays under the teeth and left for three to four hours or even overnight. It is safe and reliable and will not spoil the teeth or the gums. The final results can be expected in a few days and they are said to be much longer lasting than any other bleaching processes. Use of floured and potassium nitrate reduces tooth sensitivity. If you use this opalescence method you can expect results even within one application.

How Does The Package Come?

The Opalescence tooth whitening system consists of a package of four prefilled syringes which contain the gel in the flavour of your choice. When applied there is minimal salivary flow as this viscous formula has significant water content to prevent dehydration of teeth. It is convenient to use and does not need a doctor or a dentist to administrate the gel.
However this is available only on the prescription of a doctor

Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

It is better to take care of your teeth right form childhood. Avoiding the intake of colas, coffee, tea and other such food items is half the battle won. Only in the case of aging, the discolouration of teeth cannot be prevented. Also if the discolouration is due to heredity or if it is congenital, then bleaching is the only solution.

You should avoid any bleaching procedure if
you are younger than fifteen years
pregnant or a lactating mother
you have some gum disease
your teeth are broken or have cavities
you are allergic to the bleaching agent
your teeth are oversensitive.

Otherwise anyone can go in for this procedure.