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Laser whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening

A bright cheery smile breaks the ice in many an introduction and if the teeth are white and sparkling it adds to the impact. Models and actors, those in showbiz and publicity jobs need white teeth to look good and make a good impression. Ordinary people also need a good appearance not only for creating an impact but also for self-confidence, to look and feel younger, to look nice and attractive.

Our teeth make a lot of difference to our appearance. As we age, our teeth lack the luster of youth and any broken or lost teeth result in a change of our appearance. All pharmacists and departmental stores carry lots of kits for whitening teeth at home. This is definitely cheaper and affordable than visiting a dentist. But there are many advantages of a professional doing the job than we do it ourselves. They have the experience, the knowledge and the know how of medical things.

A dentist will know how the bleaching agent will react on a person’s gums. The home kit may also contain the information but the dentist will know exactly what percentage to use. Basically a teeth whitening procedure consists of applying a bleaching agent to the discoloured teeth to lighten them and make them whiter and sparkling.

Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure

Laser teeth whitening is one of the latest methods available for whitening teeth. The peroxide solution is applied to the teeth and a laser is used to accelerate the procedure. About an hour or two is needed for this procedure, the result is 93 percent successful and there is no follow up at home after the laser treatment is done. The long-term results depend on the individuals. If you continue with smoking or dinking tea, coffee and strong coloured drinks, then the result will not last that long. But if you regularly visit the dentist for the follow-ups then the chances of the whitening remaining effective for a longer time are more. Also using aftercare products which the dentist has recommended will keep the result longer.

Laser tooth whitening is safe and does not soften the enamel or existing fillings. Hydrogen peroxide, the main ingredient which has been used for ages to lighten teeth, is only fifteen percent concentrate in a laser teeth-whitening procedure. Hence it is safer and does not result in sensitivity. Anyone can use this method but if there is any allergy or sensitivity the dentist will check and give an antidote.

The advantage of the laser method is that it lasts longer than any other method, it does not need any follow up and it is done in an hour or two and at one sitting. The biggest disadvantage is that it is expensive.