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Our teeth are a very important part of our face, not only for eating but also for speech and beauty. A perfect set of thirty-two teeth is wonderful. It gives us confidence, good looks, and a youthful appearance and makes us attractive and impressive. It is not only those in show business who should have white sparkling teeth. All of us can have or hope to have lovely teeth and beautiful smiles.

Even if the teeth are okay, if they are discoloured they look bad. Smoking, drinking excessive tea, coffee or colas, some medicines and aging, can discolour them. As we age our teeth lose their shine and colour.

Types of Teeth Whitening Kits

Any visit to a pharmacy will show us rows of home kits for making our teeth shine and become white in colour. It is goodbye to brownish or yellowish teeth if we can make proper use of these kits. There are many to choose from. Each home teeth whitening kit will have its own plus and minus points. The advertisers always highlight the plus points and show that theirs is the best product which is safe and reliable.

Dentists can professionally make our teeth whiter and sparkling. But they are expensive and you have to get the appointment of a dentist and keep it. Many people prefer to have the teeth whitened using homemade whitening kits. There are several options available. You can get

  • Teeth whitening toothpaste - it is very easy to use teeth whitening toothpastes. They are cheap and easily available. However, you have to use them regularly and daily as per the recommendations to get good results. It takes a long time before the results are visible. Hence many people do not opt for his as the sole whitening agent. They may use it in collaboration with other methods to get faster and better results.
  • Teeth whitening strips - teeth whitening strips are the second option for improving the colour of your teeth.  There are many companies making these kinds of strips. If the quality of the strips is good and you use it regularly then the result can be good. Though they are easy to use, some people may feel uncomfortable and may feel that the result is too long in coming. These strips are to be left on the teeth for three to four hours daily, which may be difficult for some people.
  • Teeth whitening trays - teeth whitening trays can be custom made for an individual. These trays contain a bleaching gel, which lightens the teeth. Some of the trays can be left for twenty minutes a day to get the right effect. They work faster; their ingredients are often non-damaging and may be natural ones.
The Maximum Teeth Whitening System

There are different brands of home teeth whitening kits. The Maximum Teeth Whitening System is one of them. It fulfils most people’s requirements. This kit contains a thicker gel, which sticks better to the teeth, thus increasing its affectivity. They do not leak out of the mouth tray. The Maximum Teeth whitening has a higher percentage of active teeth whitening ingredients. It needs a shorter time for effectiveness, barely fifteen to thirty minutes at a time. They say that if you apply the gel before taking a shower, by the time you complete it and get dressed, your teeth will be whiter than before. It also means that the number of applications is less. Hence it will be cheaper, less time consuming and also give better results. Maximum teeth whitening is easy, gentle, safe and effective.

The working is also simple. The effective whitening gel is kept in two thin thermoforming trays, one for the upper teeth and the other for the lower one, which is kept there for only fifteen to thirty minutes at a time. The gel acts upon the stains and oxidizes them to a white colour. However crowns, bridges and fillings do not lighten. A touch up once in a while will retain the white colour unless you are a constant tea or coffee drinker or if you smoke.

A visit to a dentist for brightening teeth will cost ten times more than what it would cost if you use a home teeth-whitening kit. In the tooth whitening system you get:-
  • Enough gel for twenty applications
  • Two mouth trays
  • A mouth tray case to hold the trays and keep them hygienic
  • A shade guide to check the results
  • Complete instructions for maximum whitening in minimum time.

Another method is the White at Home whitening trays which are tailor-made so that they fit perfectly. White at Home uses carbamide peroxide gel to whiten the teeth. Their kit offers syringes and enough refills. Similarly there are many other home whitening kits in the market.