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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

The art and the science of creating a beautiful smile is cosmetic dentistry. Even a simple or an unpleasant smile can be converted into an attractive one by making the teeth perfect and the smile attractive. There are several new methods of improving the teeth and making them beautiful. The procedures now have become quick and painless and anyone who wants to look nice and charming can opt for cosmetic dentistry.

There are aesthetic materials used in cosmetic dentistry which look as good as the original teeth. Hence if a tooth is broken, it can be made full using special material which looks and feels like the original tooth. If a tooth has a cavity it can be filled using special dental materials. If there are uneven teeth, they can be made to match the other teeth, crooked ones can be straightened, sick ones can be cured and there are various advances in dental practices that make these things possible.

General and regular dentistry is concerned about curing or eliminating pathological conditions, and replacing or restoring teeth. But cosmetic dentistry goes many steps ahead. It not only cures and replaces but it makes the teeth beautiful as well.

The invention of dental implants has become a boon to human beings. Teeth lost in accidents or teeth, which have been infected and sick can now be restored using dental implants. And the implantation is so perfect that one cannot even make out the difference between the original and the artificial.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry includes
  • root canal treatments
  • removable and partial dentures
  • fixed bridges
  • lumineers
  • crowns
  • teeth whitening
  • dental fillings
  • invisalign

Basic treatment like whitening of coloured teeth is the first job of cosmetic dentistry. Even if a person has all the thirty-two teeth in good condition, they still look bad if they are discoloured or stained. This happens if:-
  • a person is addicted to coffee, tea or cola
  • if he smokes
  • has a family history of bad teeth
  • it is a result of some antibiotic or medicines

Except children below fifteen and pregnant and lactating mothers, anyone else can have their teeth whitened. Eating too many chocolates or sticky sweets result in cavities and bad teeth. Such teeth if broken can be completed, and if the teeth are decaying then it can be treated to make them healthy using cosmetic dentistry so that the smile and the teeth can be restored.

An accident can cause missing teeth or if they are broken for some reason, cosmetic dentistry can make dental implants and keep the full teeth set in order. If there is no hope for the teeth, then partial or full dentures can be made so that your face and smile are intact and lovely. Permanent dental bridges join the teeth over the missing tooth so that the set is perfect. Small changes like filling the teeth or straightening them can give an admirable twist to your smile.

Some people have ugly gaps between their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can cure this as well. Porcelain laminates or bonding can improve it and so do crowns, which are used in severe cases.
Any and every problem of teeth can be cured or improved in such a way that the final result is excellent. This is the job of cosmetic dentistry.