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Britesmile Teeth Whitening

There is cut throat competition in every field. Everyone aspires to be the best. It is the same in the field of cosmetic dentistry. One of the first things that anyone notices is the person's bright smile. If you have beautiful white sparkling teeth, their attention is caught and they would love to talk more with you and develop your friendship.

Teeth may get discoloured over the years by the aging process or because of the food you consume. Coffee, tea, smoking, colas, these and many other such things may discolour your teeth, making them dull and unattractive.

Just an hour of a visit to a dentist and a bright beaming smile is on the cards. That is what the Britesmile people promise. The Britesmile Whitening System is designed to make smiles brighter and attractive by using specially designed methods.

Why Should You Have Bright White Teeth?

There are many reasons why people yearn for brighter and whiter teeth and the most obvious reasons are:-
  • To look attractive
  • To impress people
  • To look and feel good
  • To look attractive to yourself and your partner

By using Britesmile technique oral health also improves along with the teeth which can become fourteen shades whiter than before the treatment.

While choosing a whitening method you have to
  • Find one that achieves the longest lasting results
  • Which is safe and effective
  • Which gives a naturally brilliant look
  • Which is quick and effective
  • Which uses a low concentration of the bleaching agent so that your mouth is much safer

The Britesmile Technique

Britesmile technique gives everything mentioned above. They use gel and light, which does not include laser, heating or any scraping. The Britesmile light is a specially designed lamp which accelerates the whitening process. This light has been tested and found to be safe on the teeth, the gums and other surrounding tissues, making it reliable.

This Blue Light in combination with the Britesmile Whitening gel gives maximum results in a minimum time. Most gels contain 35% to 50% of hydrogen peroxide but the Britesmile gel contains a much lower level. It also contains other ingredients like glycerine especially for safety purposes so that your mouth, gums and teeth are safe and comfortable. Over 80,000 people have already used this method, found it satisfactory and have no complaints.

The Britesmile teeth whitening system is manufactured by Discus Dental Inc. There are Britesmile Whitening Spas which conduct this treatment, which can also be done at a reputed dentist's clinic.
The whole procedure takes about an hour. The gel is applied in two stages, each stage lasting for twenty minutes. The light is arranged in such a way that all teeth, upper and lower are benefited. This light is blue-green in colour. It does not heat or irritate. The preparation and the post procedure processes take about ten minutes, thus making a total of one hour. In one hour your smile is brightened and you walk out of the dentist's room with a confident and pleasing smile. This treatment can be done even during the lunch hour.

The Britesmile kits are with the dentist but there is an option where you can do the follow-ups at home.